Architecture Report

This is my final report to the community. I close by thanking Blue Ridge for the opportunity to serve on the Board for the last 6 years. In my roles as President for 3 years, Architecture Chair for 2 years, and Secretary for 1 year, I have come to know many people in the neighborhood. I knew Blue Ridge was special before I served on the Board, but I have a much richer appreciation for how unusual and wonderful the neighborhood is. It’s a beautiful community, but what makes its great is the interaction, the neighborliness and the communication. Service on the Board has not always been fun, but it has always been worthwhile.

In the Blue Ridge Annual Report, I give a longer version of the following, but I want to mention the Carlisle project here. In January, the Board approved the 4th version of project. I believe that the Board struck an appropriate balance for the community in approving the project despite some issues not being resolved. We all know that architectural issues can be difficult. I want to commend all participants in this process for being civil, forthright, and engaged. That can be difficult, but we got through this one by remembering that: we are all neighbors; we will have to live with the actions we take during a review process; and we live with the consequences after a project is approved or rejected. It is easy to be a community during the parties and parades, it is harder to be one when we have genuine conflict. Thanks for showing the best of Blue Ridge.

At the February Board meeting, the current Board will act on the one pending architecture project, and then turn over the meeting to the new Board. I am confident that Blue Ridge will be in good hands with the new Board. I especially thank the new and returning Board members for their service.

I anticipate that the new Board will install Barbara Sinn as the new Architecture Chair – thanks Barbara!

At the January 2017 Board meeting the Board:

Acted heard and approved:

  • 1711 Greenbrier Way – Carlisle remodel and addition, as modified since the initial presentation to address community issues.
  • 10042 Valmay Ave NW – Hall remodel and addition

Heard an initial proposal for:

  • 10532 13th Ave NW – Rockwell/Barrett remodel and addition

At the February 2017 Board meeting the Board:

Proposes to act upon:

  • 10532 13th Ave NW – Rockwell/Barrett remodel and addition

There may be other initial presentation projects submitted prior to the Board meeting.


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