Grounds Report – Nov 2016

Board member Steve Malloch and I are now both “short timers” on the Blue Ridge Board; our six-year tenures will end this coming January 31st.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my opportunity to serve as the Board’s ‘Grounds Chair’during Steve’s Board Presidency, subsequently followed by Janet Wallace who now holds that role.

Linda Brooks (my way better half) has always been a tremendous help to me each year as we together planned Blue Ridge’s Annual Spring Work Party events.  We both always appreciated the amazing turnout of Blue Ridgeresident volunteers who, over the years, have helped us transform the 15thAvenue/Blue Ridge Drive Entrance Sign, the Woodbine Playfield landscape, and this year’s  Beach Park re-improvements (following completion of the CSO project); all of which have provided the wonderful additional assets that they have become!

This year, Woodbine Park was further benefited by the tremendous efforts of Christina and Rowan Christmas and their dedicated resident volunteers who obtained generous donations from Blue Ridgeresident members that were further supplemented by the Board’s additional financial allocation for this project.  Together these elements enabled the transformation of Woodbine’s children’s play area to the magnificent addition it has become.

A big part of the success of all of our achievements was greatly aided by our long-time Blue Ridgegrounds maintenance contractor Don Peterson and his‘Oasis Gardens’ team of skillful workers.  (Thank you Don for growing and planting at Woodbine all the gourds and pumpkins that will surely help make this year’s Clubhouse Halloween Party a great success!)

I am so gratified by all of the wonderful help I have received over the years in my role as Grounds Chair!  

I want to complete my remaining Board tenure by helping to seek out Blue Ridge residents who may wish to be considered as possible candidates to continue this good work on behalf of our community.  Please contact me at if you would like to discuss with me information about Grounds Chair responsibilities in greater detail.

I know there will always be wonderful opportunities for additional improvements to our beloved Blue Ridge Community!

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