Architecture Report – Oct. 2016

In Blue Ridge last month we had the kind of robust discussion that we need.

We had in front of the Board an architectural project that generated a significant amount of attention – and as is typical with such projects, emotions run high. Both the neighbors who have concerns and the proponents of the project were honest, civil, polite, and….neighborly.

Blue Ridge’s architectural process does not tell a project proponent in advance what they can build – we do not have numeric standards like the height limit in Olympic Manor, nor do we have an architectural committee that negotiates and essentially makes the decision. We have a system of proposal, feedback and decision. It is a system built on reaction, telling proponents and the Board the impacts of a project – essentially
a process of laying out what a proponent cannot build.

As architecture chair, I can often guide a project towards something I am pretty sure will pass, but those are usually the small projects. The big projects are different. We have a system that depends on feedback. Once you live in Blue Ridge for a while you hear of the projects in the neighborhood which for one reason or another damaged relationships. Feedback and dialog is the key to making it through this process. Neighbors have a responsibility to lay out their concerns. The proponent has a responsibility to listen and respond to that feedback by addressing issues. The Board has a responsibility to listen and apply community standards in making a decision. Each of us has a role.

I hope you agree that we all care about our community. It is not just about the view or viewpoint – it is aboutwe treat each other
In September, the Board:
* 10229 Richwood Ave NW – Blackburn – Deck
Did not approve:
* 1711 Greenbrier Way – Carlisle remodel and addition.
Heard an initial proposal for:
* 1515 NW Woodbine Way – Tomingas shed

In October, the Board:
Will act on:
* 1515 NW Woodbine Way – Tomingas shed
Will hear initial proposals for:
* 1643 Greenbrier Way – Pearson shed
* 1711 Greenbrier Way – Carlisle remodel and addition.
There may be other initial presentation projects submitted prior to the Board meeting.

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