Events Update – June 2016

Hello Neighbors! I’m very excited to announce that we have a new Event Chair that will be taking over for me moving forward in the events world – resident Cat Burns! She’s been a godsend to the events here at Blue Ridge pitching in to assist and volunteer on a number of different programs and has now stepped up to lead the charge! It’s been a great couple of years meeting so many of you chairing an event, volunteering, and participating in so many different things that have happened here in Blue Ridge. I’m grateful to be leaving the post in such amazing hands and am looking forward to participating myself in all the fun events to come!

But before I sign off, a reminder that we’re coming in summer season. Brieanne and Holli are looking for volunteers to help out with our annual Blue Ridge Parade and Picnic. To sign up for any and all volunteer posts, please head to There are so many options to choose from on how to help! Your time and effort is much appreciated.

We are also still looking for someone to chair the summer party – typically held on the last weekend in July. Please be sure to contact Cat Burns for more detail.

Lastly, remember we are still looking for someone to head up the Family Movie Nights which will start up in September. This is a very low key, easy program to chair – a Friday night Movie night once every other month where you pick the movies, order the pizza, and eat popcorn. What could be eaiser?

And as I sign off, a little more information on your incoming Event Chair. Be sure to stop by and say hello to her at the pool during this swim season, or at any of the upcoming events. She’ll appreciate it!

2 Minutes with Cat Burns:

How many years have you lived in in Blue Ridge?  1.5 years

What’s your Hometown?   Hmm, hard question to answer. Mostly I grew up outside Houston, Texas by East Coast parents, but I’ve lived in 6 states before Seattle, Washington. 🙂

What is/are your favorite hobbies?   Too many for just one….photography, surfing, swimming, snowboarding, and throwing parties!

What is your favorite guilty pleasure?  Wine and 70% dark chocolate.

Blue Ridge – what was your first impression?   LOVE! We looked at one house when we decided it was time to move from Green Lake and knew it was THE one. We love the neighborhood feel, the amenities, and the lifestyle. We are so happy and proud to be a part of the community.

What’s your favorite Blue Ridge event…and why?  Fourth of July. I grew up in what people call subdivisions in Texas – with a neighborhood pool, swim team, tennis courts, club house, events, community feel – but the best memories are all around the 4th of July parade. All us kids would spend the whole night decorating our bikes and dressing up in red, white, and blue to follow the fire engine through our neighborhood. All the neighbors would wave and cheer us on. It was such a fantastic way to get the entire community together and connected. When we experienced the first 4th of July here last year, all these sweet memories came back to me. And then to all meet up in Woodbine park and celebrate with hot dogs, pie contest, friendly old fashioned games – was such a treat. Afterwards going to the pool and hanging with the neighbors and our daughter all day at the pool was just even sweeter.  Honestly, my family and I had such a lovely time, we made sure we would be in town this year again to celebrate with all of you!  

If you could conjure a never-before-done in Blue Ridge into magically happening, what would it be?   I guess I am a bit nostalgic, but in my neighborhood in Texas, my Mom was always in charge of the New Years Eve parties every year. She and the committee would plan these amazing New Years eve adult parties at the club house and they adults would celebrate the holiday together. It was a huge hit because everyone could walk to the club house and celebrate safely and have a wonderful celebration. My parents still tell the stories with twinkles in their eyes. I think that would be amazing to have one year!

If you weren’t doing what you’re doing now in your life…what else would you want to do?   I loved acting in High School and a short time in College. Sometimes I day dream of taking another acting class one day… Maybe an older role is in the works….

From the Desk of…Cat Burns

I’m excited to take on the task of Events Chair for our community. I was raised by my amazing Mom who taught me everything I know about throwing a great event – since she was everything from our Girl Scout Leader to the Subdivision Events Coordinator to the best birthday party giver I know. Professionally, I have over 15 years of Marketing and PR experience working for some amazing companies and have had the experience of throwing some pretty fun parties big and small. In addition to being a proud Mom of our 6 year old daughter, Maya, I also join my husband, Jake, as Auction Co-Chair this year for Boyer Children’s Clinic for this year’s Auction Gala.

All in all, I find such joy in seeing people enjoy themselves at a get together, whether it is for 6 people or 76 or…, and I feel it’s a great way to get to meet people and develop a sense of community in our neighborhood. I hope I get to work with each of you, long time and new members of our community, this year and beyond for our monthly events. Please feel free to reach out – and let’s talk EVENTS! and more…contact me at

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