Security Report – May 2016

Since becoming security chair, I have joined a private North Beach mailing list as well as NextDoor and I have learned there is a HUGE amount of crime in our little corner of North Seattle.  I’m guessing this will not come as a shock to most you.

I have been made aware of a few specific incidents in Blue Ridge over the past month I’d like to share with you.  The more informed and diligent we are, the better we can be about protecting ourselves.
The mailbox bandit has returned and has both damaged the mailbox and stolen mail at the corner of Greenbrier and Valmay.
A daytime robbery (10am) has occurred on Woodbine and the thief got away with a wallet, jewelry, and a TV in under 10 minutes while the homeowner was home, in their yard, and unaware of the thief until returning inside.
An attempted B&E was thwarted one evening when the homeowner heard the thief trying to enter the house and called police.  This occurred at 10:30pm.
A homeowner unlocked her car and then ran back inside for 20 minutes early one weekday morning. During that short time, items were stolen from her car.
A house on Valmay was robbed late one evening while the home owner was away.  The thief entered by forcing open a rear window.
On a slightly lighter note, I hope you will consider attending the June 13th Board meeting to hear a representative from Seattle’s Office of Emergency Management speak about how we can help our neighborhood get prepared and organized in the event of an emergency.
Looking forward to seeing everyone at the upcoming work party!
Brooke Walker
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