President’s Report – April 2016

It seems like Spring has arrived:  the daffodils are in full bloom and children were recently seen running around the beach park picking up plastic eggs. Thank you Julie Keegan and your bunny helpers for organizing the effort to get those eggs in place for the annual Easter Egg Hunt.

On the board we see other signs of Spring.  There is definitely an uptick in the number of projects up for Architecture Review.  I hope you had a chance to review the proposed changes to the architectural procedures.   The notice requirements are clarified and penalties for large projects that go beyond 18 months are defined.  These modifications will be up for a board vote at the April 11 meeting.

Another sign of Spring is that Mike Brooks, our Grounds Chair, along with his wife Linda are in the throws of planning the Annual Work Party on Saturday April 30.  There will be several projects down at the beach park to clean things up after the CSO Project.  And there will be additional smaller projects at Woodbine and at the top of the hill by The Blue Ridge sign.  Please consider volunteering a couple hours of your time.   It’s actually pretty fun and you can see your direct impact on beautifying our hood.

Speaking of Woodbine, at the next board meeting on April 11 we will be reviewing the final proposal and budget for the new Woodbine Play Structure.  The basic layout has been identified and the footprint of the overall area will expand to include the current swing set area and add safer modern ground cover.  The final numbers have not been submitted or approved but the cost estimate will be in the $65,000 -70,000 range with $22,000 – $30,000 of Blue Ridge Club funds supplementing the amount raised by the community.  Kristina and Rowan Christmas have spearheaded this effort and a big thanks go out to them and the committee for making it happen.  The neighbors surrounding the park will have a chance to review play structure pictures and the layout.  Please write the board or come to the board meeting if you have any feedback.  In the end we hope to have a better looking, safer and more durable play area for our kids!

Yet another sign of Spring is all the planning and work that is happening for the pool and tennis programs.  The pool opens Saturday May 14!  And that means swim team practice is not far behind.  As a parent I know this is all a trigger to scope out our summer plans.  It’ll be here before we know it.  Soon the pool and clubhouse will be busy with activity.

At the board level we have launched the Clubhouse and Pool upgrade project.  The façade and parts of the Clubhouse roof need major repair and the pool deck and pump house equipment are at the end of their useful life.  At minimum these things need replacement.  We are going to take this opportunity to examine potential upgrades to the systems and the list of improvement ideas that come up every year when the pool is in full use.  Number one on the list is to determine how increase or better use the usable deck space for sitting/lounging and to better accommodate people at swim meets.  Jenny Fredericks, Brooke Walker and I are leading the effort and we will be forming an advisory task force to work through the many issues and considerations.  We will be using the summer period of activity to gather community input in both formal and informal ways.  If you have ideas, contact us!

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