Architecture Report – April 2016

At the March 2016 Board meeting the Board:

  • Approved – 10242 Belgrove Ct NW – Soder solar panels
  • Did not approve – 10532 13th Ave NW – Rockwell/Barrett remodel. This decision was based on impacts to the outlook the neighboring property. The vote was 4 to 3 to reject the project.

At the April 2016 Board meeting, the Board will:

  • Propose to act on:
    • 10552 15th Ave NW – Bombino remodel
    • 1524 NW Blue Ridge Drive – Caron solar panels
    • 10221 Belgrove Ct NW – McCarthy-Fredericks remodel
    • 10039 Bayard Ave NW – Dean remodel, deck and addition
  • Hear any new projects that are proposed – at the moment, none are pending.
  • The Board proposes to adopt changes to the Architectural Review procedures. These changes have been discussed at several recent Board meeting and are ready for adoption. If you are interested, contact Steve Malloch at for the full package of proposed changes.

In addition to some minor editorial changes, the major changes include:

  • Creating an enforcement procedure for projects that extend beyond the time provided. Currently applicants are allowed 12 months from project commencement to complete a project.  We have had a couple of projects go years beyond that time, without any effective way to encourage or require that projects be completed.   The Board was informed at prior meetings that even large projects – new homes or teardowns and replacements – should be able to be completed in 15 months.   The Board proposes that ordinary projects continue to be allowed 12 months and large projects 18 months to be completed.  After that the Board may impose an assessment that could be followed by a lien.   This change includes:
    • Assessments of $300 per month for the first two months, followed by assessments of $300 per day thereafter ($9000 per month). We acknowledge that the second round of assessment is large, but the Board needs to have a mechanism to strongly encourage completion of a project that has, by that point, been underway for 20 months.
    • Provision for the Board to grant extensions and set a different term in advance upon an applicant showing cause why such extensions are warranted.
    • New forms for project commencement and notice of completion.
  • Modification of the notice procedures. Including:
    • Requiring the applicant to provide evidence of notice to neighboring houses. Typically this will be done by obtaining a signature on Attachment C – the application form.  If a signature cannot be obtained, other means such as registered mail, or an acknowledgement email may be used.
    • Community notice through an architectural report email. Formerly this was done in the mailed monthly bulletin, but because we no longer publish the bulletin monthly, we needed a different procedure.
    • Clarification that notice is to be provided to the owners of houses, not just renter
  • Inclusion of a plat map with front yard setbacks in the Architectural package. Finding the Blue Ridge front yard setbacks can be a bit difficult and this is a way to make finding the setback easier.
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