Grounds Report April 2016

Your Blue Ridge Grounds Chair, Mike Brooks, and his way better half, Linda Brooks, are deeply into planning for the SPRING WORK PARTY that will take place this year on Saturday, April 30, beginning at 9:00AM


This will be my sixth and last year as a Blue Ridge Board member.  Linda and I want to prepare a great selection of tasks for all our fantastic volunteers who have always been generously hard-working participants each year.  We know with your help we will be able to provide a “Grand Finaleof work party achievements.

At Woodbine Playfield, we are preparing a final planting scheme for several remaining open space slope areas in anticipation and celebration of the elegant new playground equipment that will soon be installed.

Now that the County’s CSO project is complete at the Beach Park, we will be supplementing the County’s street-side planting scheme with additional hardy plant selections that will help discourage invasion by humans and pets. The existing interior trash container structure near the entry gate will be relocated to parallel the interior walkway for ease of accessibility and will be enlarged to accommodate additional containers.

Plants at the l5th Avenue/Blue Ridge Drive entrance sign, will be replaced and supplemented where they were impacted during recent City utility work.

In anticipation that a greater number of volunteers than usual could show up, we intend to plan additional projects in reserve.

We’ll be doorbelling throughout the community in mid-April to remind as many people as possible that we are going to have a great Work Party on April 30th.

Last year it was suggested that a couple of teenagers might be available to“entertain” the youngsters that sometimes grow tired of digging and pulling weeds.  Are there any teens that need volunteer credits that might help us out for a couple of hours?

Please join in the fun!

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