Membership Report – Winter 2015

It has been my first full year as Membership Chair and buy has it been a busy one.  So many great neighbors moving here, though it is sad to see others move.  All the new residents brought new energy from events to swimming to dog walking, it has been fun greeting as many as I could.  Here’s a quick rundown on some of the new faces.
Jody and Steven Reich

Helen Curtis
Graham & Kathleen Jang
Tim and Celeste Lenihan
Darcy Floral & Nicole Johnson
Kelly Sweerus & Forest Bohrer
Peter & Nicole Foss
Sarah & Tracey Robinson
Robin Sheridan & Kirk Mastin
Emily & Dylan Howerton
Kevin & Rachel Volk
Gary Mitchell
Marily & Lou Ernst
Karen & Mac Jahn
Derryl Evans
Whitney Rosen & Chris Kellsrom
Henri Ho
Michelle Stewart & Roberto Santos

Woo, that is a lot of new neighbors to welcome! Most of you I have had the chance to meet and a few are on my schedule and I’m going to bet there might be a few who I have missed. If so just email me and I will get a packet out to you.

Happy New Year, Barbara

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