Grounds Report June 2015


The May 2nd work party was another outstanding success!

This year we asked participants to join in a Family Work Party Survey and received some great responses!  Here is a sample of comments received:  Q: Most favorite aspect of the Work Party? – “Good Community spirit; Re-connecting with neighbors; Fun to make Blue Ridge look even better; Meeting new neighbors; Being outside with neighbors I haven’t seen in a while; Satisfaction of work; This is the best Blue Ridge event!”

Between fifty and sixty participants along with many kids, young and old, showed up and went right to work with such vigor we were done before noon!  Projects included: Woodbine: plants installed at the entry walkway and west stairway, construction of a concrete block wall at the basketball court, expansion of the parking area, and spray-painting the bamboo fence; Beach Park: plants installed at the entry walkway, the play structure’s rotted wood edging replaced, and hauling and spreading new wood chips (the CSO project required the wood chips be hauled from a stockpile well north of the Park entrance); Pool Area: two Palm Trees installed at pool area planting boxes (yes I said Palm Trees!) and planting of additional shrubs; Main Entry Sign: additional plants installed.

Candice Litsey (returned from her leave of absence in England just for this occasion!) and her marvelous team delivered water and treats then prepared another smashing lunch to round out a perfect day of achievement!

workparty2015-2Last but not least, we also received over $600 in cash donations from conscientious neighbors who were unable to physically attend to help out. THANK YOU TOO!!!workparty2015-3

The May 2nd date this year accommodated a family memorial obligation I had in California; next year we will return to our traditional April work party weekend.  Hopefully by then the County CSO project will be completed and we can focus our attention on the Beach Park.  We are already planning improvements there that will match all the great things that you, our stellar volunteers, have achieved elsewhere in our wonderful Blue Ridge community.

Mike Brooks, Grounds Chair


Residents who signed in and participated in Work Party Day:

Janet & Rhea Wallace, Laurie & Bruce Adee, Steve Malloch, Jane & Al Johnson, Linda Brooks, Sue Clauson, Marilyn Tilley–Holm, John Webb, John Incardona, Emily Smith & Janine Young, Amanda Koskinen, Alex Runciman, Wendy Mullen, Julie Tontini, Tony & Brienne Yuchasz, Anthony Yuchasz, Max Kaul, Dana Kaul, Milt Smith, Barbara Sinn, Andreas Muhlbauer, Ashley & Jennifer Hanseler, Maylynn, Eliza, & Julian Wilkins, Cat & Maya Burns, Rob, Kelly, Hannah & Ella Carrithers, Kristina Christmas, Annie Scrivanich, Gwyn Fowler, Mike, Jana, Mathew, & Andrew Williams, Jennifer Lathrop, Mel McDonald, Kevin & Maggie Green, Ryan Carlisle, Angie, Jim, Max & Claire McCullagh, Mike Foor, Sam Osborne, John Crocker, Michele & Evan Godfrey, Alex & Joseph Mohr, Rosalie Holcomb, Jean McCarthy, Zach & Logan McCarthy-Fredericks, Amanda & Marlo O’Rourke, Balcar Singh, Brook, Michael, Adam & Sydney Walker, Kristina Greiling, Brynn & Banks Telkamp, Candis Litsey, Jim Fowler, Barry & Sofia Barr, and The Bilgers.

Residents who gave cash donations to the cause:

Keri & Wesley Pinney, Jane & Roger Soder, Richard Cunliffe & Cynthia Tatko, Erik & Evelyn Haroldson, Thomas & Margaret Brown, Scott & Patricia Hardman, Barbara Hutchins, Diana Oertli, David & Jennifer Thompson, Denise Schwarz & Andrew Bernstein, Wendy Lance, Christina Jensen, Daniel Stoner & Anne Santee-Stoner, Rochelle Howe & Jonathan Greene, Price & Tina Sullivan, Marilyn & Harrison Sargent, W & J Fraser, Michael Stoeck, Daniel & Trisha Marsh, Dana & Jeff Malick, Mark & Esther Teodoro, Amy & Roger O’Sullivan, Brad & Pirkko Borland, Duncan Haas & Birgit Walbaum, Harry & Sherry Schadt, Teresa Roraback, Craig Cross, Wendy Hutchins, Dorathea Clancy, Merrily Betzold, David Lord & Debbie Preston, Bruce & Kern Wittemore, Amy & CB Shamah, and Scott & Barbara

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